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(954) 636-8400

1881 NE 26th St. Suite 10.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305

Voytek Faber is a graduate of Ryerson University’s recognized interior design program in Toronto. He began his working carrier while still attending university; at the end of his second year he was hired by the office of renowned Canadian interior designer, Brian Gluckstein. His in-depth and full-time experience from day one propelled his career even before graduating.

In the following years, Voytek enjoyed a highly successful career working in firms that earned him outstanding international experience in the design and construction of luxury residential properties, commercial offices, and exquisite furnishings. He has worked as a project designer, coordinator, and manager on a variety of jobs ranging in scale and type. Voytek is not a typical designer, as he not only possesses great appreciation for beauty and flair, but also has an extensive knowledge of technical aspects of construction. His three-dimensional imagination ensures that completed projects are beautiful, practical, and built for the way his Clients live. Voytek’s appreciation of distinctive characteristics of every Client is what makes every project as unique as the Client.

In February of 2009, Voytek formed Equilibrium® Interior Design Inc, in part from his frustration with interior design business practices, and to house his unparalleled reputation, experience and talent. His dedication and aesthetic are what make Equilibrium® Interior Design as successful as it is today. His deep rooted European traditions are responsible for his core beliefs which he applies in his career – he is a firm believer in that “how you do one thing, is how you do everything”, and “loyalty and trust take a very long time to build, but a split second to lose”. The foundation of Equilibrium® Interior Design is built on these principles.

Recently, for a period of three years, Voytek acted as the ASID Florida South Chapter Director with focus on legislative affairs and their effects on the design and construction professions. He was asked to fill this position as it aligns with his personal belief of improving the profession and expanding areas of practice for interior designers who possess the education, experience, and qualifications.

Voytek’s company is a best-kept secret that only those who work with Equilibrium® get to experience. This is best illustrated in how past clients describe his work: “Voytek supervised the entire remodel and if something wasn’t perfect, he made sure that it was. His insight and common sense approach turned what could have been a nightmare into an exciting experience.”